Need to work on a specific skill or just up your game? Various clinics taught by our BMX coaches are available, check our BMX Track schedule for available dates. Register on-site at the Rockstar Energy Bike Park – walk-ups welcome!

Common clinic types include; novice clinics, intermediate clinics, expert clinics and more.


Local racing sanctioned by USA BMX is offered twice a week. All participants must hold a valid USA BMX license to participate. Sign up takes place 90 minutes prior to race time at the Rockstar Energy Drink Bike Park.

Sign Up:  6:00pm – 7:30pm  /  Racing:  ASAP – 9:00pm

Sign Up:  10:00am – 11:30am  /  Racing:  ASAP – 1:30pm


The Rockstar Energy Drink BMX track can be rented by individuals or groups for the purpose of BMX training or fun private events (birthday party, team building, etc.). The BMX track cannot be sub-leased or used in a for-profit capacity without the approved written permission by the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority.


  1. Track Rental – no timing system $100 per hour; 3-hour minimum rental
  2. Track Rental – timing system $150 per hour; 3-hour minimum rental


BMX 101


North Houston BMX is excited to bring BMX 101 to schools in the Houston area. The program is structured to teach kids between Kindergarten and 3rd grade how to ride bicycles, the importance of physical activity and introduce them to the sport of BMX through active and engaging lesson plans. This program is best implemented during scheduled P.E. classes.

The on-campus program is designed to be turn-key and available for any school. 

Items we provide include:

  • Experienced Instructors
  • Bicycles
  • Helmets
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Fun and Active Lesson Plan

At the end of each session students will get:

  • Q&A session with our BMX Coach
  • A rider certificate
  • One free lesson at our brand-new custom designed Rockstar Energy Bike Park

Created exclusively for 4th graders, the Track Modeling Program is built around TEKS and uses the Three-Dimensional Learning Model framework. Students have an opportunity to conceptualize, design, visit, ride and build a scale BMX Track.

Designed to cover one week’s worth of material, or 25+ hours of classroom time, this program is free to schools through sponsorship. The Harris County – Houston Sports Authority and the USA BMX Foundation provide all materials needed, including classroom curriculum for teachers. This program is truly turn-key!

Items we provide include:

  • Curriculum
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Certificate of Participation and Awards
  • Field Trip to Rockstar Energy Bike Park
  • Bikes & Helmets for Field Trip Day


This project-based program is student-centered, student-led, where instructors help facilitate the STEM curriculum. The eight (8) module curriculum is equal parts education, athletics, and exercise targeted at 5th graders. The flexible modules are designed to be sued in a variety of settings including school days, after school as well as summer camps and programs.

Curriculum Modules:

  1. Bike Assembly and Set Up
  2. Tire Pressure
  3. Seat Positioning and Force
  4. Off-Road vs. Pavement
  5. Pedal, Coast, Balance
  6. Tire Tread and Resistance
  7. Speed, Stopping, Braking
  8. Bike Circles and Diameter

Items provided include:

  • Complete Curriculum
  • (5) BMX Bikes
  • (5) Safety Helmets
  • (5) Bluetooth Wireless Cycling Computers
  • (1) Bike Stand for Builds, Repairs and Modifications
  • (1) Set of Bike Tools
  • (1) Bike Pump Tread with Pressure Gauge
  • (5) Alternative Tread Tires
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