The appropriate equipment is required to ensure safety of all participants. 


Riders must provide their own helmet and bike in good working condition.


  1. All riders must wear helmets with a permanent strap attached; snaps are not allowed. 
  2. All riders must wear enclosed shoes, which cover all toes, and are sufficient to protect the rider’s feet. 
  3. All riders must wear long pants. Loose fitting short pants made of tear-resistant material are permitted when used in combination with knee/shin pads. All combination of knee/shin pads are subject to the approval of the Track Operator or Track Programmer. 
  4. Riders wear long sleeved shirts. Short sleeved shirts and sufficient elbow protection is allowable subject to the approval of the Track Operator or Track Programmer. 
  5. A rider registered to race in the Novice class is restricted to a standard flat pedal only; regardless of what class the rider might end up competing in that day. Interlocking-pedal cleat systems, magnetic, or any type of strap/toe clip system where the shoe is attached to the pedal are restricted to riders Intermediate or higher in proficiency. 
  6. Bicycles for competition in the Intermediate / Expert/ Expert Girl / Pro classes must be equipped with wheels having a total diameter, inflated tires included, less than or equal to 22 1/2” (57 cm). 7. Bicycles for competition in the Cruiser / Girl Cruiser shall have wheels where the total diameter of the inflated tires included shall measure more than 22 1/2” (57 cm). 
  7. All bicycles must have an operating braking system— hand and/or coaster (foot) brake. 
  8. Handlebars may not exceed 30” in width and grips are required and must cover/enclose the entire opening on the handlebar ends. 
  9. All kickstands, chain guards, and reflector brackets must be removed. 
  10. Axle ends may not exceed 1⁄4” beyond the axle nut or must be cut down to within 1⁄4” beyond the axle nut. After cutting, all sharp edges shall be rounded off and all burrs must be removed. 
  11. For safety reasons, all equipment is subject to the approval of the Track Operator or Track Programmer. 
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